L767 StencilGirl Products A4 Art Three Swamp Monsters Stencil

L767 StencilGirl Products A4 Art Three Swamp Monsters Stencil

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The Three Swamp Monsters stencil by Angela Treat Lyon features three fantastical monsters who all live together in the Swamp of Nodenial. They lie in wait for people who are in denial so they can snag them and wake them up to how fabulous the world really is. They love bright, garish colors, which stream through their body decorations like swirly tattoos. They eat mostly clams and seaweed and laugh themselves inside out when people run away from them, afraid they will be eaten.

Monster 1 has a curled-up tail and a goatee, Monster 2 has banded legs and a leaf-like pattern to body and tail, and Monster 3 has a turned-up nose, fins, and jewelry. All three monsters have patterns on their body, perfect for embellishing and adding your own unique touches in your artwork.
Tip: You can cut this stencil apart for ease of use.
The designs in Angela‚Äôs Monsters Series sprang from her interest in prehistoric finding and vivid imagination. Her happy monsters come from or near the Happy-to-be-Me Forest in the Land of Ammaze.

Product Details:
- 9" x 12"
- 7 mil mylar is thick enough to be durable, yet thin enough for a seamless look in your art
- Made in the USA